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I am CW Angelas, an ex-professional player now coaching people from Soloq up to Pro level!

As a pro player I was:

top 200 EUW season 3.

Rank 1 Challenger EUW and EUNE in team ranked.

Top 50 challenger Soloq EUW Season 4/ took part in LCS

Master tier Season 6 and Season 7.

As a coach I have 4 years of professional coaching experience. I have been working training professional players/ analysts/ coaches. My goal is to teach you how to reach your absolute best in the game.

* I'll be teaching you Soloq "Tricks": Outsmarting and outperforming any player in Soloq.
Best build paths, runes, masteries, list of top tier champions etc. used by professionals.

* Soloq and mental training (very important part that many people lack understanding in).

* In depth analysis of your games.

* Teaching how to play with different champions (mechanics, trading, positioning, farming and much more).

* Working on your map awareness, warding, objective control, wave and lane control.

* Giving a look on LCS from the inside (I have qualified to LCS as a coach, so I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed).

Contact me if you have any questions!

Good luck!

12$ per hour

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