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First of all everything depends on your demands. You will have a chance to tell me why did you decide to go for coaching and what will satisfy you. Then I will be able to set coaching plan accordingly to your wishes.

General excercises-

• 1v1 matchups to show you what you need to work on tradings or laning phase

• Anticipation of enemy movements, plans, traps

• Behaviour while being in 1v2, 1v3, 2v4 situation/ having advantage or disadvantage in comparison to enemy team

• Benefits & wastes of overextending, splitpushing, etc.

• Communication appropriate usege of pings and in-game chat

• Configuration your game settings to make them most helpful for you while playing

• Decision making when and how should you engage, backoffs etc.

• Timing with using your abilities, active items, taking map objectives

15$ per hour

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