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I'm 21 years old male, who lives in Denmark. I speak Danish and English fluently, though I apoligize if my grammar isn't perfect.

I peaked at Diamond 1 in season 4 and Master in season 5. I didn't play seriously in season 6 so I only hit Diamond 4 playing with friends. I'm not playing that seriously right now, but I'm climbing the ladder from Diamond 3 at the moment.

I really only play mid and top lane. I have been a mid lane main for a couple of seasons now and only really play top when I don't get mid lane in which case I normally play Riven or Yasuo.

I play almost every champion but I specialize in a few champions that I find fun and strong, such as Zed, Le Blanc, Kassadin, Katarina and Kayn.

10$ per hour

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