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For World of Warcraft Boosting we provide services in the EU and US regions.


We provide boosting in ratings range from 0 to 2400.

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WoW RGB Rating Boosting

With RGB boosting, you can get the best WoW players to carry your account through the numerous battle grounds. You can gain rating faster and easier than ever before. With us, you can customize your experience and get exactly what you want. You can leverage our advanced customization tools and take advantage of our professional gamers in order to take your account to a whole new level. An RGB rating boost means that you get one of our professional gamers to play on your WoW account. If you prefer Arena ranking, you can also choose one of our arena rating boost (note: link to the other article). However, RGB is perceived as slightly more competitive, offering more diversity. With an RGB boost along with your arena one, you can boost your Artifact Power income, your gear and your Honor level. If you strive to get a higher item level, then a combination of Arena ranking and RGB ranking is vital. With our RGB rating boost, you can get to your desired rating and enjoy constant support all the way.