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For World of Warcraft Boosting we provide services in the EU and US regions.


We provide boosting in ratings range from 0 to 2400.

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WoW Arena Boositng

This is a boost that allows you to get past obstacles easier and win in 2v2 or 3v3 arena quicker. As a WoW player, you are well aware that it takes a lot of practice, experience and skill to win in the arena, especially if you are stuck with low players who are holding you back. In order to prevent the unfortunate event of not earning PvP season rewards, achieve new titles and reach higher rankings, we are offering you the 2v2 arena rating boost service. Our professional players will play in your place to get you boosted and to help you get into better teams. All our expert players have reached R1 multiple times, and they have all participated in Blizzcon. They will ensure you will never miss again any rewards for the weekly quests in 2v2, 3v3 or RGB (link here to the RGB boosting article). Our arena boosting service allows you to decide exactly what to boost and how to do it. Leverage the 2v2 arena boost for WoW and take your account to a whole new level. This is how you will be able to experience again the thrill of better rewards, higher rankings and more prominent titles.