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For League of Legends Solo & DuoQ Boosting we provide services in EUW, NA, EUNE, RUS, OCE, LAN, JAP, TR.


We provide boosting in leagues range from Bronze to Master. Each league changes every 100LP plus promotion games.

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LoL Per Win Boosting

We are here with a boost called Pay Per Win, a perfect tool for both win boosting and placement boosting. It provides our customers with a highly impressive win-ratio. The majority of the people playing League of Legends want to increase their position by multiple divisions. It has also been found that many of these players need some kind of additional support for completing the promotional games. Pay Per Win will be able to help you both in getting some extra wins and preventing yourself from losing divisions due to LP decay. Place your order now and see unbelievable win rates appear on your account immediately. Buying this boost will help you in getting 3 to 20 wins in your account. Pay Per Win will ensure that you don't need to suffer for your mistakes. With it, you will be getting exactly the number of wins you will be paying for. That's the reason why Pay Per Win is one of the most loved boosting options among LOL players.