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For League of Legends Solo & DuoQ Boosting we provide services in EUW, NA, EUNE, RUS, OCE, LAN, JAP, TR.


We provide boosting in leagues range from Bronze to Master. Each league changes every 100LP plus promotion games.

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LoL Placement Boositng

The term placement matches is used for the initial ten games played when starting any ranked season of League of Legends. Your performance in these ten matches would decide the rank you will get at the beginning. This makes it extremely important that you win most of these placement matches. Losing too many of these matches might force you to be more than five spots lower compared to where you actually belong. That's the reason why more and more players have started buying a boost for winning these games. With us, you will not need to risk your position and ruin your ranked season by playing alone. We will be handling the pressure of accomplishing your placements and make sure you get ranked high when starting off a new season. It's true that we will be able to help you to recover and increase your rank even if you contact us after losing eight or more of the placement games. However, it would always be wise on your part to seek our assistance when you start a ranked season.