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For League of Legends Solo & DuoQ Boosting we provide services in EUW, NA, EUNE, RUS, OCE, LAN, JAP, TR.


We provide boosting in leagues range from Bronze to Master. Each league changes every 100LP plus promotion games.

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LoL Duo Queue Boosting

There are some who don't want others to do all their work when playing League of Legends. They prefer having Challenger players or a Master by their side when they play. Duo Boost will be doing just that. Buying this boost from us will ensure that whenever you will be in need of help for increasing your divisions, our top players will be there; they would assist you in getting great win rates. Soon, you will become an amazingly strong LOL player yourself. It might be a little surprising, but we haven't priced the duo boosting package more than our Pay Per Win boost. That's because our primary aim is encouraging more and more players to be a part of the LOL journey along with us. We keep all our boosters active 24/7. So, place your order right away. Buy three to 20 games for an amazingly low price and see your rank increase incredibly.