Placement Boost

After 10 placement games we guarantee one of below ranks depending on luck: Distinguished Master Guardian / Legendary Eagle / Legendary Eagle Master.



For Counter Strike GO Solo & DuoQ we boost worldwide.


We provide boosting in ranks range from Silver to Global Elite.

Favourite Hero

Choose your favorite heroes to boost your hero stats.
After checking this option booster will play only selected heroes.

Desired League

This is the main objective for the booster. Our pro-player will boost your account until you reach rank you set here.



CS:GO Placement Boositng

This is the most popular option we have on our site. CS:GO avid gamers who are either unable to rank higher or do not have the time can select their desired rank, and we do the rest. Getting to Legendary Eagle Master or Global Elite has never been easier. Of course, we are using no cheats in either of our modes. It's all sweat and toil. Our professional gamers have tens of thousands of games in their backpockets, so you can be pretty sure of the outcome of each match.